A Ministry of Caring

We seek to give our time, companionship, and spread Christ’s word to members of our church who desire that companionship.  How else can we better serve as disciples for Christ than to give our friendship to someone who may need it most?

Through the years, Visitation has answered some of the most pressing human needs.  Motivated by love and compassion, these members regularly visit others, in person, by telephone, with greeting cards, and with flowers and gifts.  They listen to personal concerns, assist with transportation and shopping, and often provide meals.

Visitation to the Nursing Homes
Our area is served by a number of extended care homes, and we have patients in most of them.  Distances prevent frequent visitation in some of these, but Visitation ministers regularly in those centers which are nearby.  The group often joins the pastor in providing brief experiences in worship, singing, and prayer for the patients.

Visitation in Hospitals
Visitation is known to be part of the healing process while one is in the hospital.  The Pastor regularly visits hospitals, and Visitation joins in the effort.

Visitation in Homes
This ministry reaches those persons who are unable to leave their homes for any length of time.  Many of these members have no other family members in the home and are alone most of the time.  We have an estimated 200 members classified as shut-ins.  Visitation sees the need for outside contact and goes to these people at least once a month.

Some persons are unable to leave their homes because they are caring for others who cannot be left alone. Members of Visitation who drive are able to take these people to the grocery or stay with the home-bound family member while the other family member takes care of shopping chores.

Persons returning home from the hospital are often unable to prepare their own meals.  In such cases Visitation ministry picks up the slack.  Prepared meals are taken to the home by several church members.

Personal Contact
Visitation maintains contact with members in need by a variety of methods.  Frequent telephone calls are made.  Greeting and get well cards are mailed regularly and sometimes carried to hospital rooms and homes as the group conducts visits.

Upon visiting with persons the Visitation Team offers gifts and extends the ministry of Christ through prayer, compassion, and love for those who suffer.

Bereavement Visitation
The death of a friend or family member is a major crises for anyone.  The need for ministry is immediate and intensive.  Visitation responds to the need and attends both the wake and the funeral, and later the home.  The church sometimes provides a meal on the day of the funeral.  This presence, often without words, meets a very critical need.  Other members of the congregation take part in such events, but Visitation makes this a very intentional ministry.

Some people need ways to attend worship, to shop, and sometimes to visit family members in hospitals or nursing homes.  Visitation takes care of these needs as they become known.  A transportation network, recently organized, is now providing rides to worship each Sunday.

Nothing is asked in return and the rewards to both the church member being visited and the person doing the visiting are immeasurable.  As John 13:35 reminds us, “This is how everyone will recognize that you are My disciples when they see the love you have for each other.”

If you’ve ever felt joy, comfort, grace, or divine intervention in visiting loved ones, please consider joining our team.