The Shepherding Program cares for the families of our church in groups ranging from 10 to 20 families.  Each of our Shepherd’s contact our Members no matter what stage of life they are in;  Active, Shut In, Inactive, College Student, Military or Prospective Member.

Currently we have 20 Shepherds, which include a Mother/Daughter team, Husband/Wife team, along with several other men and women of the church.  These team members have heard the call to nurture the congregation with great passion and love along with support and prayers.

The criteria for our team members is to remember our church families at least 1 time per month, this can be through cards, visits, a friendly hello at church or prayer.  If you need a Shepherd or if you would like to be a Shepherd, please contact Joyce Kimpel, 304-232-0588 or [email protected]